Little Live Pets - Sensoo Sloth

Little Live Pets - Sensoo Sloth

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Little Live Pets Hug n’ Hang Zoogooz is the squishiest, stretchiest,cutest pet that loves to hang out with you. Kids can stretch, pat and jigglethis goo-filled friend and they will react in so many ways!

This pet comes to life as kids play and pet it. Hear them chat and sing.Jiggle them for a giggle. Tilt the pet about and watch their eyes blink. Boysand girls can even feed them and when they are tired, it even goes to sleep!In-fact this Hug n’ Hang Zoogooz has over 70 sounds & reactions for kids todiscover as they play with it!

With long stretchy arm and hands that link, they loves to hug and hang aroundthings. Link different Zoogooz together and have the coolest crew around! Thereare 3 Hug n’ Hang Zoogooz for kids to collect – Sensoo Sloth, Mooki Monkeyand Koomi Koala. Each even has a secret charm in its goo that your child cansquish and find which are linked to their personality.


Little Live Pets Hug n’ Hang Zoogooz – Your Interactive Gooey Pet!
70+ Sounds & Reactions! Sings! Giggles! Blinks! Feeds and more!
Link your Zoogooz together with their hands! They hug and hang about!
Each pet has a goo-filled body can hug, stretch and squish!
Squish them to find their secret charm hidden inside their gooey body!