Handmade Amelie Clutch - Verdure (Petit)

Handmade Amelie Clutch - Verdure (Petit)

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Verdure meaning the fresh green colour of lush vegetation, is certainly reflected in this stunning artwork and also has a lovely woven visual layer adding detail to the print.

Esther Fallon Lau is an Australian artist and textile designer inspired by nature, vintage & global trends. Using hand-drawn whimsical motifs and rich textural overlays, she aims to convey a sense of delight, wonder & movement in her work.

As this is handmade each cut of fabric and pattern placement my vary.

• Made in Australia
• Weight: 0.8 kg (1.76 lb)
• Dimensions: 25 x 4 x 25 cm (9.8 x 1.6 x 9.8 in)

All YellowBird clutches are handmade, to the highest standards, in South Australia.
Made in Australia